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Student Membership 

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Congrats to UNLV School of Dental Medicine's Class of 2018!!
Signing Day 2018

National Signing Day 


Student Membership - ASDA, American Student Dental Association

If you are currently attending a dental school you are qualified to be a member of the American Student Dental Association. Students have a variety of great benefits including: Student Loan RefinanceStudent Disability Insurance  at NO CHARGE to ASDA students and more! See more detailed information at:

ASDA Benefits

UNLV-ASDA Students

Roseman University


Student Resources


Whether you are wondering about dentistry as a career, or completing your licensure requirements and preparing to care for patients, the ADA has the resources to help you lay the foundation for a promising future. Resources for Dental Students



The Southern Nevada New Dentist Committee is a local component within the American Dental Association’s New Dentist Network.  A “new dentist” is defined as an individual who has been out of dental school for less than ten years but is not limited to include dental students. New DentistFacebook


The mentor program enables dental students and new graduates to obtain counsel and guidance with some of the concerns involved in beginning a dental career. The Mentor Program is geared towards integrating the dentists of tomorrow with the dental community. More


The Match program provides a service to match dental professionals with career opportunities in Southern Nevada. For access click the link:



Student Lobby Day

Student Lobby Day  

Washington, DC - April 8th - 10th, 2018

The Student Lobby Day event addressed issues that heavily impact the profession of dentistry such as the State of Politics, Student Loan Programs, Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, and Health Care Reform! Contact your ASDA Chapter for more information. 

Tripartite Membership after Graduation

As a ​recent graduate starting your career we understand that there are challenges that are better managed with a little flexibility. We offer a tripartite membership with over 100+ benefits at a reduced rate until the 5th year out of dental school! In order to take advantage of this dues structure you must join the tripartite, Nevada Dental Association, American Dental Association and your local component the society. Your membership dues invoice will automatically show a rate reduction every year as follows;

  • Year of Graduation: You pay $0 dues  
  • Year 1 out of dental school:  You pay $0 in dues 
  • Year 2 out of dental school : You pay 25% of full dues
  • Year 3 out of dental school:  You pay 50% of full dues
  • Year 4 out of dental school:  You pay 75% of full dues
  • Year 5 and thereafter:  You pay the full dues amount.

Graduate Student Membership

If you are currently attending a graduate program, you can keep your tripartite membership active for only $30 a year by submitting a Graduate Student Form by fax at 702-255-3302. Contact the NDA at 702-255-4211 for more information.
  • Quick Glance at ADA Top Benefits

New Member Guide to Benefits

NDA_New MemberGuide

The New Member Guide is an NDA resource aimed to provide a comprehensive view of tripartite benefits, assist in navigating business essentials of dentistry. You will find answers to common questions on regulations and licensing, tips on policies and laws, network opportunities in Nevada and much more.

Digital download is now available - (ADA# login required)
NDA New Member Guide

ADA Student Lobby Day - 2018


The ADA Student Lobby Day held in Washington DC on April 8th-10th was a huge success and in fact this year, the number of participating students was greater than any year previous! "If there's one thing I took from last week's ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day, it was that nearly 1,100 voices are impossible to ignore! That's how many dentists, dental students, state association staff and other dental leaders gathered in the nation's capital for what is expected to rank as one of the largest and most successful advocacy events for any health care association this year." - Dr. Crowley, ADA President

ADA Success Seminar

ADA Success Seminar 041118

On April 11th, the American Dental Association, (ADA) Success Seminar was held for a group of second-year dental students who learned a little more on how they are protected through services provided by ADA, Nevada Dental Association (NDA) and local component resources. The seminar titled “Managing Debt and Wealth” was presented by Dr. Emily Ishkanian addressing topic of Saving and Managing Wealth, Mitigating Risk and tips for preparing for a longevity and success right from the start of a new  dentist’ career.