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The Nevada Dental Association has been an important part of the community since 1969, providing a voice for dental professionals and many social and charitable opportunities for its members but it can not be successful without the support of our members. As a member of the NDA you are offered a tripartite membership inclusive of three components, the American Dental Association, the Nevada Dental Association and the Local Society. Each part maintains significant value for members on each level working to provide the fullest advantage of benefits and services from a National, State and Local level membership.

Membership Types

Recent Graduate Membership

If you are a recent graduate you are eligible for reduced dues! You can join for FREE within the year of graduation and for the first year out of dental school with no fees. We understand that you are just starting your career, and we appreciate your interest in organized dentistry. Your tripartite dues will be reduced for you first four years out of dental school:

  • Year of Graduation: You pay $0 dues
  • Year 1 out of dental school:  You pay $0 in dues
  • Year 2 out of dental school : You pay 25% of full dues
  • Year 3 out of dental school:  You pay 50% of full dues
  • Year 4 out of dental school:  You pay 75% of full dues
  • Year 5 and thereafter:  You pay the full dues amount

See calculation of full dues estimate by area and a digital copy of your dues inserts provided below.

Member Benefits

For your digital pdf copy with clickable links and all current updates on Member Benefits visit: 
Benefits of Membership - (ADA# is required for access).

New Members and State Transfers

 If you have never been a member of the NDA or you are transferring here from another state we are excited to have you! To join, fill out the application and email it to or send in the mail. Click the link below to download/print the application:

Northern Nevada Application:

NNDS Tripartite Application pdf

Southern Nevada Application:

SNDS Tripartite Application pdf


Graduate Student

If you are a member attending a graduate program for specialty, click link below to fill out the Graduate Student Application to stay eligible for reduced dues through-out your program, fill out this form and email it to  Graduate Student Application


Federally Qualified Health Clinic Member - Northern Nevada

As a full-time FQHC practicing dentist you may be eligible for reduced fees for membership. Reduced fees normally only apply to members who are a full dues, NNDS member. 

Full-Time Faculty Membership

Full-time faculty teachers receive a discounted rate from the NDA portion of your annual dues and is effective for each year that you are employed in a federally qualified campus for example, UNLV School of Dental Medicine or Roseman University. Please contact the NDA if you have recently acquired a position eligible for reduced dues.  

Active Life Member

If you are over 65 and have 30 consecutive years of membership, and still practice dentistry you are eligible for reduced rates! Your new invoice will reflect a reduction of 25% of full dues. No application is needed, your invoice will show a reduction of dues for the coming year.

Retired Member

You are eligible for reduced dues if you are fully retired and have not yet met the qualifications for Retired Life Membership. If you retired mid-year you may have received an invoice for full dues however, please fill out this form below to and contact the NDA to confirm new reduced rate.
Retirement Affidavit Form pdf

Retired Life Member

 If you are retired you may be eligible for free membership. Qualifications include being an ADA member for 30 consecutive years and or a practicing dentist for 40 years consecutively and a member in good standing. Click link below to fill out the Retirement Affidavit to be eligible for reduced dues for the coming year here, you may email it to or send by mail:  Retirement Affidavit

Dues Waiver

If you would like to request a temporary or permanent dues waiver for hardship or disability click link below, fill this form below and email it to or send by mail. Please allow up to three business days for approval and processing.
Dues Waiver Request


Renew Membership

To Renew Online:
Pay My Dues

Update Information

To Update Your Information click:
Update My Information

Dues Estimate for Northern Nevada 

NNDS counties are highlighted in blue. Click map to zoom in.

Dues Insert Copy

NNDS Dues Inserts 2018 pdf

NNDS map

Dues Estimate for Southern Nevada 

SNDS counties are highlighted in red. Click map to zoom in.

Dues Inserts Copy

SNDS Dues Insert 2018 pdf

SNDS map

Dues Estimate for Northeastern Nevada 

NENDS counties are highlighted in green. Click map to zoom in.

Dues Inserts Copy: 

NENDS Dues Inserts 2018
For payment options visit -  Payment Options