About the NDA

The Nevada Dental Association is about providing its members services that promote the highest standards of care for the public and inspires members in pursuit of professional excellence and personal fulfillment through education, leadership and communication.

The Association preserves the integrity of the dental profession, strengthens the doctor/patient relationship and promotes the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of the American Dental Association.

Mission Statement

"The voice and advocate for oral health care in Nevada"



It's not just about what we provide, but how we provide it.

2019 marks the 153rd anniversary of The ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Known as “the ADA Code,” members voluntarily agree to abide as a condition of membership, committing to high ethical standards of conduct. Much like the profession, the ADA Code has evolved throughout the past 150 years, however its fundamental purpose—putting the welfare of patients first—remains constant. 

The ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct

The dental profession holds a special position of trust within society. As a consequence, society affords the profession certain privileges that are not available to members of the public-at-large. In return, the profession makes a commitment to society that its members will adhere to high ethical standards of conduct. The ADA Code is, in effect, a written expression of the obligations arising from the implied contract between the dental profession and society.


Nevada Dental Association

600 E. William Street, Ste 202
Carson City, NV 89701
P: 775-558-9404
F: 702-255-3302

Business Hours: Mon-Thur 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-12pm

Nicollette Schmeichel
Executive Director

Marianna Kacyra
Director of Member Services