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It's not just about what we provide, but how we provide it.

2018 marks the 152nd anniversary of The ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Known as “the ADA Code,” members voluntarily agree to abide as a condition of membership, committing to high ethical standards of conduct. Much like the profession, the ADA Code has evolved throughout the past 150 years, however its fundamental purpose—putting the welfare of patients first—remains constant. 


Grassroots Advocacy Campaign

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NDA Members - Please take a minute to sign up for NDA's grassroots advocacy campaign. This tool will help us to build a database of dentist and patient advocates to help with our efforts at the Legislature. Take Action

Informed Consent for Controlled Substances

Prescription Writing for Opiods

A template is now available! Login to your member-access page for download. Check for the updates are provided here first or at the NDA Members Group on Facebook! 


Member Access Pages

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What is the NDA doing for you?

Login to your Member Access page online at: and don't forget to join us on Facebook at: NDA Members Group!


Highlights on PMP and AB474

We are providing highlights on the new prescription writing rules for controlled substances. We will continue to watch this issue and bring any further updates as we get them. For more info login to Member Access.