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Payment Options


Your dues statements for 2019 have been sent, please check your email. Membership dues are due by January 31st.

We are providing options to auto renew a full payment or any of the new payment plans offered. Options for payment plans include a 2,4,6,8, and 12 month payment plan. Choosing a payment plan allows for flexibility when and if needed and your membership will be active upon the first payment assuming all payments are made. 

Auto Renew: Auto renew for 2020 is available with all payment options, please note, if you donate, those donations will also carry over with your dues when auto renewing for the following year. If you do not wish to carry all the donations, you may donate separately using the Voluntary Donations Form below).

Auto Renew Agreement:

ADA Auto Renew Agreement 2019-2020

2019 Dues Inserts


NNDS/NENDS  Dues Inserts: 
NNDS Dues Inserts 2019.pdf 
(Local benefits for Northern and Northeastern Nevada)

SNDS Dues Inserts: 
SNDS Dues Inserts 2019.pdf (Local benefits for Southern Nevada)

Voluntary Donation Form (only needed if donating separate from dues when auto renewing)
Voluntary Donations Payment Form 2019


Methods of Payment

Electronic Check Payment - New!

After Nov 1st - Full payments and payment plans can be paid using the electronic checking account option with no additional processing fees (by reimbursement for full dues only), visit: Pay My Dues, follow the prompts. When donating, each voluntary donation item will carry over to the following year if auto renewing. (Auto Renew is available for this option).


Credit Card Payment

To pay your dues or to set up a payment plan visit: Pay My Dues, follow the prompts. (Auto Renew is available for this option).

Please Note: If a payment plan is started on any date after January 1st, you would expect first payment to include payments due from January 1st including all months up to the month you join. The remaining payments will be billed on the 1st of each month following.

Processing fee for credit cards has been reduced to $30.

Payment by Fax

 If paying by fax please use this form: Dues Payment Form_fax 2019.pdf and fax to 702-255-3302.

Paper Check by mail

Please address to:
Nevada Dental Association
P.O. Box 400877
Las Vegas, NV 89140-0877

Breakdown of payment plans and fees: Payment Plan Breakdown 2019 pdf


Voluntary Donations Descriptions:

Donations to all voluntary donations can be either donated to when paying annual dues or separate from dues by phone, fax or check by mail. If donating separate from dues please use this form to donate: Voluntary Donations Payment Form_2019-2020 - Thank you for your support!

NDA Foundation for Oral Health – The NDA Foundation is a registered 501C(3) non-profit charity. These funds are allocated for relief efforts, (NDA Memorial Relief Fund), oral health education and organizations as determined by the Board. Your support will aid us in furthering our goals in the capacity of our abilities. Donations to this charity are Tax Deductible. For more info visit:

 NDAPAC – The Nevada Dental Association Political Action Committee (NDAPAC) advocates the long-term interests and value of organized dentistry in Nevada. By supporting candidates who are committed to our profession, NDAPAC is the most valuable tool we have to accomplish our goals and ensure continued growth and success. Donations are not tax deductible. For more info visit:

ADPAC – The American Dental Political Action Committee is a federally registered political committee and the contributions it receives are used to support federal candidates and committees. Contributions to ADPAC and Nevada Dental Association Political Action Committee (NDAPAC) are voluntary. Donations are not tax deductible. For more info visit:

ADA Alliance – The Alliance of the American Dental Association is a volunteer organization that supports its members and spouses of member, and values its partnership with the American Dental Association in advancing the oral health of the public Donations are not tax deductible. For more info visit:

ADA Foundation - As dentistry's premier philanthropic and charitable organization, the ADA Foundation is a catalyst for uniting people and organizations to invest in better oral health for all. The ADA Foundation annually provides more than $2 million in grants, scholarships, awards, and facilitated in-kind product donations to programs that are in alignment with the organization’s efforts to advance oral health, expand access to dental care, and drive game-changing research.

As part of these efforts, the ADA Foundation oversees the Give Kids A Smile® program and also oversees the ADA Foundation Research division, including the ADA Foundation Volpe Research Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland (formerly the Paffenbarger Research Center). 

We invite you to consider joining in our efforts. Contact us at

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