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Committees and Councils

NDA Committees
Committee on the New Dentist
Emily Ishkanian DMD- Chair
David Chenin, DDS
Michael Duboff, DMD

Council on Communications
Dan Orr II, DDS, PhD, JD, MD – Co-Chair
Peter Balle, DDS- Co-Chair

Council on Sessions and Programs
Joel T. Glover, DDS – Chair
Council on Dental Practice
Robert Thalgott, DMD- Chair

Council on Government Affairs
David White, DDS – Chair
Arnie Pitts, DDS
J. Jim Jones, DDS

Council on Education
George McAlpine, DDS – Chair

Council on Membership
Brad Wilbur, DDS – Chair
Frank Beglin, DDS
Damian Betancourt, DDS
George Rosenbaum, DDS

Council on Access, Prevention and Inter-professional Services
Michael Sanders, DMD- Chair

Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs
Dwyte Brooks, DMD – Chair

Organization Executive Directors
Lori Benvin – Northern Nevada Dental Society
​Jessica Beason – Southern Nevada Dental Society
Robert Talley, DDS, CAE – Nevada Dental Association | Northeast Nevada Dental Society

SNDS Health and Wellness Committee
Richard S. Walker, DDS – Chair
Robert Anderson
Pamela Caggiano, DDS
Tyler Christiansen, DDS
Michael M. Day, DDS
Michael Duboff, DMD
Peter A. Mansky, MD
Franson K.S. Tom, MS, DMD

NNDS Health and Wellness Committee
Michael Day, DDS – Chair
Gerald Jackson, DMD
William Clements, DDS
Eric Dean, DDS
Perry Francis, DDS
Justin Wilkerson, DDS
Tom Lavin, MS
Randall Pane, DDS
Kathy Pinson, RDH
Teresa Jackson
Tom Lavin, MS
Teresa Jackson