NDA Committees and Councils

Council on Communications

Term - 2 years

Dr. Tina Brandon Abbatangelo, Chair
Dr. Erin Anderson
Dr. Ed DeAndrade
Dr. Daniel Orr
Dr. Garrett Swanson
Ms. Jodi Metzgar (NDA Staff)

Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs

Term - 4 years

Dr. Brady Neugebauer 
Dr. Michael Banks 
Dr. Todd Wilkin 
Dr. Tina Brandon-Abbatangelo
Ms. Jodi Metzgar (NDA Staff)

Council on Government Affairs

Term - 3 years 

Dr. David White 

Dr. John Griffiths
Dr. Steve Saxe
Dr. Whitney Bryant
Dr. Christian Peralta
Ms. Nicollette Schmeichel (NDA Staff)

Council on Membership 

Term - 2 years

Dr. Scott Sutter, Chair 

Dr. Deaudre LeCato
Dr. Christine Lemon
Dr. Steve Saxe
Mr. Spencer Coleman
Ms. Autumn Wolfer (ADA Staff)
Ms. Lori Benvin (NNDS Staff)
Ms. Esther Johnson (SNDS Staff)
Ms. Marianna Kacyra (NDA Staff)
Ms. Nicollette Schmeichel (NDA Staff)