NDA Committees and Councils

Council on Communications

Term - 2 years

Dr. Tina Brandon Abbatangelo, Chair
Dr. Ed DeAndrade
Dr. Adam Welmerink
Dr. Erin Anderson
Dr. Bianco Velayo
Ms. Suzzi Fobbs

Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs

Term - 4 years
Dr. Gregory Hunter, Chair
Dr. Ben Brooks
Dr. Craig Andresen
Dr. Gary Braun
Dr. Margaret Heinen
Dr. Todd Wilkin
Dr. Dwyte Brooks

Council on Government Affairs

Term - 3 years
Dr. David White, Chair
Dr. Richard Dragon
Dr. Robert Talley
Dr. Jason Doucette
Dr. Aimee Abittan
Dr. Charles Buchannan
Dr. Daniel Shalev
Dr. Ed De Andrade
Dr. George McAlpine
Dr. Mark Funke
Dr. Robin Lobato

Council on Membership 

Term - 2 years
Dr. Akanksha Sharma
Dr, Benita Ng
Dr. Gerald Fox
Dr. Kellie McGinely
Dr. Thomas Brooksbank
Dr. Troy Savant
Dr. Robert Talley, Interim Chair
Ms. Suzzi Fobbs
Ms. Lori Benvin
Ms. Monica Rexius

Council on Dental Benefits

Term - 3 years

Dr. Ron Laux, Chair
Dr. Brandi Dupont
Dr. Zac Soard
Dr. Alana Saxe
Dr. Ben Salar
Dr. Cody Hughes
Dr. Richard Dragon
Dr. Emily Ishkanian
Ms. Suzzi Fobbs

Council ​on Advocacy for Access and Prevention
Dr. Antonnina Capurro
Dr. David Mahon
Dr. James Mann
Dr. Michelle Farnoush
Dr. Sheronda Strider-Barraza
Dr. Thomas Kenny
Dr. Todd Davis
Dr. Robert Talley

Organization Executive Directors
Robert Talley, DDS, CAE – Nevada Dental Association | Northeast Nevada Dental Society
Lori Benvin – Northern Nevada Dental Society
​​Monica Rexius – Southern Nevada Dental Society

NNDS Committee Chairs
Eric Pendleton, DDS – Membership Chair
Paul Brosy, DMD - Peer Review Chair
Erin Anderson, DMD - New Dentist Committee Chair
​Trent Gookin, DDS - Give Kids a Smile Chair
Stephen Sims, DMD - Chief Delegate
Eric Pendleton, DDS - Health and Wellness Chair