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Nevada Oral Health Day at the Capitol |Thursday  April 6th
Nevada Capitol | Carson City, NV

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The Nevada Dental Association was thrilled at the turn out for Oral Health Day at the Capitol which was held on Thursday, April 6, 2023 in Carson City. This afforded NDA members access to legislators and events promoting oral health and organized dentistry here in Nevada.


The preliminary schedule:

9:00 am -10:30 am Welcome and Orientation, Legislature 101, Association Policy Update
11:00 am - 4:00 pm Legislator Meetings and Statehouse Tours
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Legislator Reception

We need member dentists to sign up to meet with legislators.

Why do I care?
Dentists are members of an elite profession. It is both highly respected and highly technical. Yet, many non-dentist groups and organizations are actively working to influence elected officials and policymakers on oral health issues. Events like Oral Health Day provides members with the opportunity to build relationships with legislators that better establish and reinforce the profession of dentistry as the leader in advancing oral health across Nevada. This is especially important given the prominence of health care as a topic at the state and federal levels.

What’s at stake?
With more and more groups attempting to influence oral health policy, dentists are in the best position to communicate about the big picture. Whether fielding questions related to workforce or bringing evidence-based solutions to the table regarding proper care and treatment, dentists are uniquely suited to educate and inform legislators about the vital, and sometimes highly technical, issues impacting dentistry on the state level. But decisions will be made that impact dentistry whether dentists are involved or not. 

Your involvement in organized dentistry and attendance at Oral Health Day demonstrates to legislators and other policymakers that the NDA is the voice of organized dentistry in Nevada and that dentists want to be an active part of the solution to the many problems that result from poor oral health.