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The Nevada Dental Association is very active in Nevada politics. Along with contract Lobbyists, Nevada has an Executive Director, Dr. Robert Talley, who was born and raised in Las Vegas and practiced dentistry there for 26 years. He works as part of an effective team to attend legislative events, regulatory meetings and to create relationships with and educate legislators on issues important to dentists and their patients. It is a true member value to have a dentist paid to give his full attention to advocacy efforts when in most states this is done on a volunteer basis. Membership is important so we can continue to have this voice for dentistry.


The NDA  provides access to all the latest news on legislative issues, tools, templates, and guides. Award winning NDA Journal Quarterly Publications and NDA Monthly Newsletters with content provided from our own dentists in Nevada to assist members in staying compliant and informed ​and engaged. 

Latest News


The NDA Journal is an award winning publication providing articles on legislative updates from the Association, practice management and advertising for dental products and services. Read More

ADA Petition Filed with FDA against DIY Orthodontics


"Treating patients, improving health and making a difference in patients’ lives is what drove many of us to become part of this amazing profession. I believe, and I’m sure you do, too, that making a difference also means standing up for patients and the profession through advocacy." - Jeffrey Cole, ADA President - Read More: Petition

Nevada Compliance

Compliance 1

Nevada operates an OSHA-approved State Plan covering most private sector workers and all state and local government workers. Read More: regulations

President signs landmark opioid legislation.

Dear Advocates, Congratulations! Thanks to your efforts at the 2018 ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day, Congress recently passed and the president just signed legislation to help end the nation’s opioid crisis. Read more about some of the ways your advocacy made a positive impact.