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The Nevada Dental Association is very active in Nevada politics. Along with a prominent contract lobbyist, Nevada has an Executive Director, Dr. Robert Talley, who was born and raised in Las Vegas and practiced dentistry there for 26 years. He works with the contract lobbyist as part of an effective team to attend legislative events, regulatory meetings and to create relationships with and educate legislators on issues important to dentists and their patients. It is a true member value to have a dentist paid to give his full attention to advocacy efforts when in most states this is done on a volunteer basis. Membership is important so we can continue to have this voice for dentistry.


The NDA  provides access to all the latest news on legislative issues, tools, templates, and guides. Award winning NDA Journal Quarterly Publications and NDA Monthly Newsletters with content provided from our own dentists in Nevada to assist members in staying compliant and informed ​and engaged. 

SB366 Is A Dangerous Bill


SB366 is a dangerous bill that would allow a newly created provider – a dental therapist – to practice dentistry. The catch is – they are NOT dentists. Under SB366, dental therapists would be able to perform permanent procedures, like extractions, and administer anesthesia. All Nevadans – regardless of socioeconomic status – deserve quality dental care from the highest trained professionals. ​ 

See Link for SB366 Opposition Petition at:

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The Nevada Dental Association is in need of your support!  This legislative year could be pivotal for the dental industry.  More

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Grassroots Advocacy Campaign

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NDA Members - Please take a minute to sign up for NDA's grassroots advocacy campaign. This tool will help us to build a database of dentist and patient advocates to help with our efforts at the Legislature. Take Action

Advocacy Win For Nevada Dentists

The Value of NDA Government Relations and Advocacy: In July, Nevada Medicaid had announced a dental rate “realignment” which would have resulted in a forecasted cut of $4.1 million dollars in Medicaid dollars to dental service providers over the next biennium, a large portion of which would have negatively impacted pediatric dental providers. Nevada Dental Association leadership and your lobbying team did the following to STOP this proposed change.